Possible Animated Feature for Aquaman

Will Aquaman have his spotlight in his own animated feature? Click the jump to see more.

For years, Aquaman continues to be the butt of all jokes regardless of his underwear royalty and position with the Justice League. He is not usually the superhero kids want to be at first glance. However, since The New 52 Aquaman has been written by Geoff Johns who is making the character respectable by taking him out of the water  to tell fans that Aquaman doesn’t have to be underwater all the time.  Johns who has concluded his run on Green Lantern with Issue #20, continues to write Aquaman. Since he is at the forefront with recent TV and media projects such as Batman: Arkham Origins and Arrow; he has become the go-to-guy for DC adaptations and updating the DC characters for today’s fans. His stories have reshaped how fans see certain characters especially for Aquaman. A fan asked Johns a question about Aquaman getting in on the spotlight for an animated feature, see below what Johns had to say: 


When will this be happening? Probably not for 2014, since there are two Batman animated features being released along with Justice League: War coming out before those features. For 2015, there might be a better shot at for Aquaman to get his own animated feature. Please do remember this has not been confirmed by DC Entertainment. Which story arc do you think should be adapted for Aquaman’s animated feature?

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Source- CBT