Nightwing #23 Review: Chicago Under Siege

by Daniel Gehen
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With the Windy City at the mercy of the Prankster, Nightwing is forced into an uneasy alliance. Check out the DCN review of Nightwing #23!

Nightwing 23bEverything Kyle Higgins has been building towards since he took Dick Grayson to Chicago is coming to a head in Nightwing #23.  The Prankster has Chicago under his thumb, exposing the secrets of the city’s mayor.  Nightwing is becoming the public’s hero despite the police’s best efforts to influence the contrary.  Higgins and Will Conrad craft another memorable issue starring the former circus acrobat.


Nightwing 23cNightwing #23 is the most fun you’ll have reading a comic all week. There may be bigger things going on at DC that may have a greater overall impact on the universe (see: “Trinity War”), but Kyle Higgins’ narrative continues to be a wonderful blend of action, mystery, drama and comedy.  Nightwing is full of quips this time, and they are genuinely funny.  Conversely, the scene between Tony Zucco and his wife is wonderfully dramatic. Despite our knowledge of the character’s history, Higgins makes us sympathize with Zucco. And does he ever know how to end on a cliffhanger! The last panel caused my jaw to literally drop – something that rarely happens to this reviewer.

Will Conrad’s art continues to be great. Seriously DC, lock this guy up for the next 20+ issues. The action is dynamic, the characters are fantastic looking, and the backgrounds are wonderfully detailed. I have no complaints about the art.


Nightwing 23dI can’t wait until next month to see how this concludes. But here’s the thing, September is Villains Month at DC, which means that Nightwing and the rest of the regular DC titles are on hold until October. A two month wait for the concluding chapter of this arc is going to be agonizing.

Verdict Rating5 (5/5)

Nightwing continues to ride its hot streak onto shelves this week.  Higgins and Conrad once again deliver the goods with an exciting and well-structured tale of superhero action.  Issue #24 can’t come soon enough!

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