DC’s Sin Joins The CW’s ARROW


With the second season of ARROW getting ever-nearer, the show has announced that we’ll be seeing another familiar DC face. TV Line is reporting that THE KILLING’s Bex Taylor-Klaus will be joining the show as Sin. The character will appear in the third and fourth episodes of the season.

The report goes on to say that Sin will have ties to Roy Harper and Black Canary. In the comic-book domain, Sin is the foster daughter of Canary, with her also becoming an aide to the Birds of Prey team. Not content with that, being an expert martial artists, the character finds herself being the successor to Lady Shiva.

Season two of ARROW is set to debut in the US on 9th October, with it presumed that we UK folks will get the show a few days after that date.

Source: starburstmagazine.com

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