Batman Beyond 2.0 #2: Terry the Terrible

by Daniel Gehen
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The new adventures of Batman Beyond continue in the form of a bi-weekly digital comic. Check out the DCN Review!

Following the mysterious death of the Gotham mayor at the opening of the new Arkham Institute, Terry and the rest of “Team Batman” are on the case. Enlisting the help of Commissioner Gordon and Terry’s strengthened intimidation skills, they are able to get one step closer before the final panels. Kyle Higgins is crafting a fascinating plot that works perfectly with Thony Silas’ art.


batman beyond 2bThis issue is light on action, but rich on character moments. Higgins has a clear understanding of how the characters in this universe interact with each other. Every conversation comes across as natural. The pauses, word choices, and cadence of the dialogue is spot on. There is a great moment during Terry’s conversation with Barbara, something he has said many times in past Batman Beyond stories, which I was able to believe for the first time.

batman beyond 2dThere is a great dynamic between Terry and Dick Grayson. Despite their age difference, the reader is able to sense a bond of brotherhood rather than mentor/mentee. It’s a relationship that I look forward to seeing evolve over the course of Higgins’ run.

Silas’ art is, once again, superb. There is a panel that he draws Batman’s suit in “stealth mode” that stood out as a favorite from this issue.  Portraying invisibility or stealth can be difficult and come off as odd looking, but it works quite nicely in the context of this issue.


batman beyond 2cFor the second week in a row, there is not much wrong with this issue. The pacing might be a bit slow for the tastes of some.  Also, there are a couple instances where secondary and background characters are not visually differentiated and share the same facial expressions.

Verdict Rating4 (5/5)

The pieces are starting to take shape in part two of Higgins’ and Silas’ opening arc of Batman Beyond 2.0.  Combining impressive visuals with a fascinating murder mystery, the world that these creators are building on is simply engrossing.  For 99 cents, this is easily a must buy.

batman beyond 2e

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