Rumor: Bryan Cranston may be cast as Lex Luthor in Batman vs Superman so that Mark Strong can return as Sinestro?


Take this with a grain of salt, but we may be on the verge of another major announcement regarding the MAN OF STEEL sequel and the future of the DC Cinematic Universe. Notoriously unreliable site Cosmic Book News has unveiled a new exclusive regarding the recent Ben Affleck casting as Batman that we just need to share with you. Again, there are no other sources for this story as of yet, but all of the pieces fit together so nicely it warrants discussion.

Cosmic Book News sources claim that Ben Affleck was actually third on the list to be the new Caped Crusader, but Karl Urban’s schedule couldn’t be accomodated and #1 choice Tyler Hoechlin lost out based on Affleck’s dedication to the source material. That dedication apparently became evident during his run to potentially direct JUSTICE LEAGUE.

Affleck’s run as Batman, as claimed by the site, will be for around 13 films including standalone Batman movies as well as appearances in other DC films. Warner Bros. may be aiming for a universe that crosses over a lot more than what Marvel and Disney have put forth.

Still with me? Now, Bryan Cranston and Mark Strong’s names have already popped up multiple times as contenders to play Lex Luthor due to their intense acting abilities and well-regarded bald heads.

If all turns out according to this source, once BREAKING BAD ends the current final eight episodes of it’s run on AMC, Cranston will be announced as the new Luthor. This leaves the door open for Strong to return as Sinestro from the already established GREEN LANTERN film. Does this reopen the door for Ryan Reynolds to return?

Cranston would be locked in for potentially 6-10 appearances across the DC films, which would definitely make him a formidable adversary across the entire DC platform of films. Having Strong as well as Sinestro, the best part of GREEN LANTERN, would also be solid. If they are truly committed to that many movies, Marvel will definitely have some competition.

Where the article loses me is the potential for Ben Affleck’s buddy, Matt Damon, to jump into the fray. They mention he may be considered for Aquaman or Martian Manhunter, two polar opposite roles and completely wrong for Damon. That part made me cry bullshit on the whole story, but then again, who saw Affleck as Batman coming at all?




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