Superman stamps debut in Canada


Canada Post stamp series featuring the superhero — with roots in Toronto and the Toronto Daily Star — will preview Friday at Fan Expo.

Superman’s little-known Torontonian roots are being highlighted with a colourful new series of Canada Post stamps.

The postal service announced Wednesday it will unveil a series of five stamps in celebration of the iconic superhero, whose creator was once a Hogtown local.

The thing about Superman is that he is like the ultimate hyphenated citizen. He is a Canadian-American-Kryptonian superhero,

said Keisha McIntosh-Siung, spokesperson for Canada Post.

He’s really a timeless hero.

Fans will have a chance to preview the stamps this Friday at Fan Expo Canada, an annual convention for fans of comics, sci-fi, anime and gaming. The stamps officially go on sale Sept. 10. Only a limited quantity will be printed, but the Superman stamps will retain their postage value in the future and can be used any time.




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