Has Nightwing’s Fate Been Sealed? Forever Evil #1 SPOILERS

Internet buzz has been in a frenzy concerning the fate of Batman’s first protege, Dick Grayson, ever since the below teaser poster was revealed:

The Nightwing symbol covered in blood? Is it too obvious or a “red” herring?

A preview image from tomorrows Forever Evil #1 seems to corroborate a pretty gruesome fate may be in store for the former Boy Wonder. Spoilery SPOILERS below:


Some websites are speculating that Nightwing may be forced to reveal his identity, compelled by the powers of the Crime Syndicate’s Superwoman’s barbed Lasso of Truth. Exactly what kind of implications such a revelation will have for Batman (as well as the rest of the DC heroes) can only be imagined at this point.

Find out exactly what will happen tomorrow when Forever Evil #1, by Geoff Johns and David Finch, is released.

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Source: CBM