Batman Beyond 2.0 #4 Review: You Have My Attention, Mr. Higgins

by Daniel Gehen
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The adventures of Terry McGinnis continue in the form of a biweekly digital comic! Check out the DCN review!

It feels like forever since a new issue of Batman Beyond was available on Comixology, but then again it could just be my hunger for more Terry & Co.  Having been through the gauntlet of a riot at Arkham, Batman goes after the unseen killer of the previous issues, against the warnings of current Bat-curator Dick Grayson. In another satisfying dose of Future Bat, writer Kyle Higgins and artist Thony Silas deliver a stunning issue that will leave readers scratching their heads, pumping their fists, or even both.

BB 4a


We’ll start with the ending and work backwards. With a character whose publication history is as rich as Batman’s, writers often struggle to bring something new to the table that doesn’t feel like the repurposing of older material.

With this issue, Kyle Higgins takes the story in an unexpected direction, despite the events of this issue being foreshadowed in each of the previous issues. And while the twist has undoubtedly been done before, its reveal is able to surprise, elate, and confuse readers in one fell swoop. The rest of the issue provides additional insight into the relationship between Terry and Dick, and despite its brevity Higgins is able to squeeze a good amount of characterization in the panels.

BB 4d

Swinging over to the art side, Thony Silas gives us his strongest issue to date. Between the solid choreography, framing of panels and character models, this was a big step up from issue #3. Given who appears at issue’s end, Silas needed to be at the top of his game. And he delivers.


The pacing of the story has been a little slow. Readers will likely get more enjoyment of this issue by re-reading #1 – #3 before diving into this one.

Verdict Rating5 (5/5)

Every two weeks, Higgins and Silas give us a new reason to fall in love with Batman Beyond, with this issue striking the high point thus far. Do yourself a favor and download this issue now. You’ll be salivating for what comes next.

BB 4e

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