Arkham Origins Score Released: Reveals Two More Villains.

The track listing for the much anticipated Batman: Arkham Origins track listing has been released, and while there aren’t any major spoilers in the names of the songs it’s possible to interpret or guess some plot points that may happen throughout the game, so while you shouldn’t necessarily look away, if you are deathly afraid of any kind of spoilers…run.

Track list:

1. Arkham Origins Main Titles 2:52
2. The Night Before Christmas 2:07
3. Black Mask Escapes 0:47
4. Killer Croc 2:03
5. Croc Arrest 1:01
6. Batwing Storm Damage 0:39
7. Assassins 2:41
8. Weapons Deal 1:04
9. The Final Offer 1:32
10. Deathstroke 4:06
11. Winter Comes to Gotham 2:07
12. Carol of the Bells (Joker’s Theme) 1:29
13. G.C.P.D. 2:14
14. Can’t You Just Play Along? 2:08
15. Merchant Bank Escape 1:15
16. Copperhead 1:30
17. Hallucinations 2:57
18. Snake in a Box 0:40
19. Night Patrol 2:03
20. Regent Hotel 1:56
21. Bane 2:29
22. Why Would You Save?me? 1:28
23. The Thieving Magpie 2:01
24. The Bridge 1:10
25. Firefly 6:00
26. I Have Left Enough Life in Him for Some Final Words…If You Hurry
27. Allies 3:04
28. Electric Chair 1:40
29. One of Us Will Die 1:09
30. Shadow of the Bat 2:10
31. Arkham Origins End Titles 1:49
32. Arkham Origins Suite 2:16

It appears that both Killer Croc and Magpie are going to be joining the impressive cast of Batman villains in this game, whether or not either of them are going to be one of the last two assassins (probably not) is yet to be seen.

The games score was composed by Christopher Drake who absolutely nailed the music in many DC animated films such as Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, Batman: Under The Red Hood, Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, and much more. The soundtrack will be available October 22nd, three days before the game is released worldwide.

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Source: Comic Book Movie