Viral Wonder Woman Video Shows Wonder Woman Has an Audience

by Eric Z
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As You have seen in a previous post a new video that features  “wonder woman” has taken off online. Giving the beloved character viral superpowers. “Wonder woman” has never been brought to the big screen.

Could a movie by superfans change that? Chris connelly has the story. Reporter: For more than 34 years.

Ever since the end of charismatic lynda carter’s tv series. May I have a glass of champagne, please? Reporter: It’s as if “wonder woman” has been in the witness protection program.

Now, suddenly, that amazonian icon known for her bullestproof gold cuffs, her invisible plane and her lasso of truth is back. All thanks to this 2 1/2-minute short, from this production company. With 2.

5 million and counting hits on youtube. There is an audience for this character. People want to see wonder woman if her own feature film.

There’s no bigger superhero than her. Reporter: People want to know why a movie studio hasn’t taken a wonder woman project out for a spin. A lot of hollywood heavyweights tried to bring wonder woman to the big screen and the small screen.

And it’s been very tough. Reporter: David e. Kelley shot a small-screen pilot.

But it didn’t get picked up. As far as obstacles to a feature go, could it be sexism? A male superhero can get many chances at-bat to be a movie or a tv show.

Women superheros really get one chance. Reporter: Like halle berry’s cat woman. Or jennifer garner’s electra.

Following linynda carter might be like following springsteen in new jersey. Wonder woman can have her own film if people want to see it. It’s not about gender.

It’s about an amazing superhero that can translate really well to the big screen. Reporter: For “good morning america,” chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. Bring it back.

Chris brought up great points, as always. Hard to capture, though. That lynda.


Source: ABC News


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