DCnU Year Five in 2014

by Electro Belton
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Since the new 52 happened, September has been one of the important months at DC Comics or as I like to put it as ‘season premieres’. In 2011, the new 52 relaunch happened for the first time. In 2012, zero year happened in most of the books published where we learn about origins of heroes and teams. In 2013, the villains took over most of the books in the wake of Trinity War for Forever Evil. Now in 2014, according to Bleeding Cool, DC announced that the DC Universe will flash forward five years later (a la the One Year Later arc in 2006). In addition, spinning off from the event comes a new weekly series that is set five years later in the DCU. As a special note, it is not the first time that has happened in the comics. After Infinite Crisis, most of our heroes adventures were skipped one year ahead and to complement it, DC released the ’52’ maxi-series to fill in the gap left by Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

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