BATGIRL #24 : Wanted Part II

If Villain’s Month has caused you to lose your memory, issue #23 ended with Barbara cradling the shot body of her boyfriend, Ricky. As the sensational cover by Alex Garner illustrates the bullet was fired by none other than Babs’ father Commissionaire Gordon.  How does it stack up? Well…

Gail really ramps up the emotion, Barbara is struggling to deal with her part in the, incorrectly presumed, death of her brother.  Her father blames her as Batgirl for the death of James and she, as Barbara, blames her father for shooting her boyfriend. Can it get much worse for the Gordons?

Shocked Barbara The issue is opens with some great action, and Pasarin brilliantly captures the shock Barbara experiences when almost punching out her father. Detective McKenna has a Montoya-esque feel to her as she keeps her head in the volatile situation and makes the correct call letting Barbara go, this character is developing well into a solid supporting character.

The attack on the Commissioner in the closing five pages gives Barbara the rationale to don the cowl once more and sets this three-parter up for a great final issue

I like Barbara’s relationship with Ricky; although the current twist gives us a great plot I would have liked to see it develop and Ricky become a positive light in Babs’ life. No one in Gotham can has more than an issue of happiness – it’s amazing anyone lives in the city.

The Commissioner seems to have lost a few pounds and a couple of decades in this issue. He looks like James Gordon Junior’s older brother and moves like a guy half his age.  Just a minor niggle with otherwise great art.

On a par with Gail’s run on Batgirl to date and that’s some standard to maintain. From the opening scenes of angst to the final page showing a Bat-van filled with more gadgets than Catman’s lair this is a great read and has me counting the days to issue #25.

4 out of 5
4 out of 5

Lee Thomson

Lee Thomson

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