ARKHAM ORIGINS: Deathstroke Voice Actor Revealed + Case System Explained

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Who is the voice behind Deathstroke? Find out more about the case system in Arkham Origins. Click the jump to see more.

Who is the voice behind Deathstroke? Well, you may know the actor from The Shawshank

Redemption and Aliens but he has also been the voice of Lex Luthor from Young Justice. Eric Holmes, creative director, announced the voice actor via Reddit and you can see below who it is:

“Wow, there have been so many people chasing that one. Exclusive reveal, it’s Mark Rolston who brings

Mark Rolston

Mark Rolston

the Terminator to life.”

Are you excited for him as Deathstroke? Hope so, more news has come out with an explanation of Arkham Origins’ case system. The system has changed much more so on the fact that you will randomly encounter case files throughout the game, which you can either choose to do those files or not. See the quote below to get a better idea of how the case files work in the game:

As you may or may not have heard already, players will randomly encounter these Case Files or respond to 911 calls leading to them as they utilize the detective vision to reconstruct crime scenes that have taken place in the game world, allowing the player to see the whole crime scene play out from back to front as the evidence unfolds. All of this in an effort to decipher who Batman should bring to justice.

Holmes stated that the system will unearth some “very significant story events” that will serve as revelations for the player embarking on the origins of Batman, so those of you looking to get as much back story as possible will probably want to see these Case Files through.


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