Arrow, Meet the League of Assassins

by Electro Belton
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In the world of the CW’s hit show ‘Arrow’ there has been a recent surge of the DC Universe appearing in the season 2 episodes so far. They range from small easter eggs (ex: Channel 52, the same news station that appeared in recent comics) to full blown new characters (ex: Brother Blood, Amanda Waller, Bronze Tiger to name a few). One notable occurance is the League of Assassins. The League of Assassins is notorious for being the group led by (in most continuties) by Ra’s al Ghul, one of Batman’s greatest enemies. They confronted and fought the Dark Knight on a number of occasions and proved to be an excellent formidable opponent of him more specifically the al Ghul family. The group will make its full appearance on an upcoming episode of Arrow to track down a missing member of their team.

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Source: Newsarama


You can watch the preview here

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