Tiny Titans returns in 2014

by Electro Belton
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AW YEAH TITANS!!! I got some good news for fans who enjoy the Eisner Award winning series Tiny Titans by the great and talented Art Baltazar and Franco. Newsarama announced that Tiny Titans will return in 2014 with all new stories, adventures, characters, and most of all mischief from around Sidekick City and beyond. Also noteworthy, it will be the first time a new comic set in the Tiny Titans-verse would be released in over a year (or a few months if counting Superman Family Adventures.) Art Baltazar and Franco sat down with Newsarama to discuss the revival of their beloved comic.

Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

Art: It’s the same thing, but we’re trying to keep it in the continuity of not only Tiny Titans, but also Superman Family and Super Pets. So this is the next chapter. Everything we do for DC is all in the same universe. And this volume of Tiny Titans will be the next part.

One other nugget is that the Tiny Titans and related spin-offs take place on Earth-53 in the DC Multiverse according to Art Baltazar in the interview. Speaking of continuity, the Super-Pets will also be there and it would be based on the recent Super-Pets shorts that are airing on DC Nation.

Art: And in this first issue, you’ll see Superboy and Supergirl return from the Fortress of Solitude, and they’ll have their new costumes on. And they’ll mention that they were taking a break from training with their cousin. It’s going to tie in to Superman Family that way in the first issue. But you’ll see them all in the same storyline. 

Art and Franco also explains to Newsarama about creating new characters as well as introducing new stuff to the mythos. Just like the New 52 reboot, some of the Titans will get new costumes and some of them will retain their current ones.

You can read the interview here

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Source Newsarama

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