Batman Beyond 2.0 #8 Review: The Shocking Finale

by Daniel Gehen
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The Beyond universe has been a fun ride since relaunching with Batman Beyond 2.0. With a new status quo, readers have been treated to something rare these days: genuine surprises. With chapter eight, Kyle Higgins and Thony Silas wrap up their opening arc as Batman takes the fight to Rewire in a battle across the New Gotham skies.

BB 8a


The solicitations for this chapter (as Mr. Higgins prefers to call the digital issues) call for a bombastic concluding battle. Unlike most solicits, Batman Beyond 2.0 #8 delivers in spades. Silas creates a sprawling conflict that stretches across 14 of the 20 pages. The artwork is kinetic and pops off the screen – this is a digital-first series after all.

Throughout the fight, Kyle Higgins offers sharp and snappy dialogue between Batman and Rewire, only briefly interrupted by a moment of gravitas. But as exciting as the battle is, the true strength of this chapter is the epilogue. In four (digital) pages, Higgins ties up some loose narratives from the overall arc and packs a wallop of an emotional punch.

BB 8c


Nothing worth noting.

Verdict: 5/5


Batman Beyond 2.0 #8 is a satisfying conclusion to Gotham’s new beginning. The series is positioned to be part of a Saturday morning routine, as it rightfully should. With two weeks before the start of the next arc, readers should spend their time revisiting this story again and again. For those of out that have not checked it out, it’s well worth the $8.

BB 8d

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