Review: Superman/Wonder Woman #2

by Graham MacDougall
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Review: Superman/Wonder Woman #2

Superman-Wonder Woman (2013-) 002-003


The overall artwork has improved quite a bit when compared to last month where a number of panels felt as though they were unfinished and/or rushed. This month, everything looks better. Tony S. Daniel’s work in this issue is very detailed and his line work is very crisp and clean. Coupled with a few jaw-dropping panels. Though Daniel can be an amazing artist, it sometimes feels like he can’t quite keep up with doing monthlies. Writer Charles Soule seems to focus more on the ongoing relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman this issue, including some run-in with Diana’s extended family. Along with the relationship between Diana and Clark finally coming to fruition and paying off, it’s nice to see Soule give The Man of Steel and The Amazonian Princess an ever growing connection.

Superman-Wonder Woman (2013-) 002-001


There was a lot of momentum coming into S/WW #2, Doomsday had just shown up and our heroes were about to face a challenge like no other. Sadly everything with Doomsday is wrapped up in about three pages along with some allusion that Doomsday may come back in the future. It’s not bad when writers want to set up future plot lines, but they also need to do it smoothly. Think of it as changing gears in a car, you want to shift calmly and cleanly, you don’t want to go from fifth all the way back down to first in the blink of an eye.

Verdict: rating3outof5                                        

While Superman/Wonder Woman #2 wasn’t necessarily a bad issue, it also wasn’t particularly special either. Though there are a few nice moments here and there—the confrontation between Superman and Apollo being the big one—there wasn’t really enough going on in this issue to make it great, and considering this is only the second issue of a series that should have been made a long time ago, Soule has a lot of ground to cover. Hopefully things will improve in the months to come.

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