RUMOR: Character Descriptions for “The Flash” Pilot

As many are aware by now, Barry Allen has made his debut on The CW’s Arrow, with an upcoming pilot (and possible series) in the works. Now, courtesy of Bludhaven Banter, character descriptions of both Iris West and a Detective West have surfaced online. Check out the descriptions below –

IRIS – 22-28 – African-American – As smart as she is beautiful, Iris is in grad school studying psychology. She’s also Barry’s mile a minute, fast-talking, quick-witted best friend. Her father, Detective West, took in Barry when his mother was murdered, and his father was wrongly accused and imprisoned for her murder. In a tough childhood for Barry, she was the one “not tough” thing. She’s unaware of Barry’s strong feelings for her. 

DETECTIVE WEST – Late 40s to Early 50s – African American -Detective West is an honest, blue-collar cop who’s seen it all. A soulful, funny caring father to Iris, and a surrogate father to Barry, West came up through the foster system himself. He took in Barry after his mother’s murder and his father’s imprisonment. He believes in Barry and supports Barry’s efforts to prove his father’s innocence.

While the change in Iris’s race will no doubt spark conversation among fans, the more disconcerting information is the change to the character’s history. In the comics, Iris West is a reporter in Central City that would meet Barry when he was called to a crime scene she was covering. The two would eventually get married and become one of the medium’s more stable romantic couples. From the above description, it appears that Iris is now a life-long friend of Barry and that journalism will not be her chosen profession.

It is important that this information has yet to be confirmed by the studio, and at this point is nothing more than a RUMOR. We all will have to wait on future developments as they happen.

Source: Bludhaven Banter

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