Matt Kindt Leaves Suicide Squad after Forever Evil Tie-In

by Alexander Cerola
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According to CBR one of the hottest writers in DC’s arsenal of talent, Matt Kindt, is set to depart Suicide Squad after it’s Forever Evil tie-in ties up for a Star Wars four-issue miniseries titled “Star Wars: Rebel Heist.”

Kindt recanted to CBR about Dark Horse Comics approaching him about the idea. At first he was hesitant, thinking he could never script a story that no Star Wars fan hasn’t heard before. Through the clouds of self-doubt, his creative engine churned.

CBR covered Kindt’s upcoming film project based off his “Mind MGMT” series in junction with 20th Century Fox with Ridley Scott helming as producer. He’s a busy man looking to scale back some of his projects and it looks like unfortunately Suicide Squad is getting the ax. Though Kindt hints that he might one day return.

“It’s just for “Forever Evil” and then I’m done. It’s one of the things I’m scaling back on, because I don’t have time. It’s driving me crazy to do so much. I knew I could do a finite amount of time on that and do it well, but I can’t sustain it for that long and make it good, still — “for sure” good. There’s a chance it could be good. I told my editor, “At a certain point, it’s just going to be like flipping a coin — it could turn out alright or not, depending on how I’m feeling that day. It’s better to take a little bit of time off and recharge my batteries.”

You can find the rest of this amazing interview with CBR located at the bottom source. Thought’s DCN-denizens?

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Source: CBR


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