The Movement #8 Review

by Rob Kitchen
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Gail Simone’s latest series The Movement continues this week with the final installment of the current arc involving The Movement’s battle against the Graveyard Faction.



The Movement has always been an interesting series. It’s been consistently good, and this month is no different. The final showdown is as epic as one could expect from these charters. Vengeance Moth really shines and might just be the breakout character of the entire series. Burden is a complete badass in full demon mode, and the other characters have their moment as well.


But the best thing about it is that everyone lives! There’s a happy ending for once and that’s fantastic from a series that could have easily taken the easy way out and ended on a downer. It’s awesome to see the gang together with the future in mind. It’s even better considering every plotline that’s been moving forward since the first issue is wrapped up not only successfully, but by providing a satisfying conclusion, even with it setting up the next arc with Batgirl.

Freddie Williams II’s art here is on par with every other issue of the series. It retains a gritty feel giving the book its unique flair.



It’s hard to find any without nitpicking. There are a few loose ends, but none that are essential to the story. Some questions are raised, mostly involving Virtue, but other than that, the only problem was that seeing Batgirl on the last page wasn’t necessary, even if it was nice seeing Williams II drawing Babs, and adds excitement for the next arc.

VERDICT: rating5outof5-300x51 5/5

Gail Simone and Freddie Williams II cap off the first eight issues of The Movement with an epic conclusion that successfully and satisfungly wraps up everything the series has been building toward. For being a huge risk from DC, this series deserves more attention than it’s getting and stuff like this proves it.

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