Review: Hinterkind #4 The Evil Within

by Oscar Bergeron-Oakes
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In their best issue yet, the Hinterkind creative team delivers a stellar chapter focusing on humanity’s primal instincts and our ability to inflict evil towards another man.

Cover to Hinterkind #4 by Greg Tocchini.

Cover to Hinterkind #4 by Greg Tocchini.


The story absolutely rocks. This was a stunning issue that tackles the idea of how humans would act under dire circumstances. The apocalypse—or as it’s known in the world of the Hinterkind, the Blight— has come and gone, leaving the world in a state of disarray. The Sidhe rule the land, monsters roam free, and humans live in hiding. This issue is the first to truly delve into the effect that moving to the bottom of the food chain has had on humanity. Without spoiling too much, humanity has not fared well living underground.

This is the future of the human race. It's hardly glamorous.

This is the future of the human race. It’s hardly glamorous.

Writer Ian Edginton creates a truly evil group of people that are complimented by Francesco Trifogli’s gruesome depiction of them. The script delivers the history of the humans in an interesting, entertaining, and horrifying way; this is not one of those issues that is all talk and no action. Edginton does a fantastic job of balancing those two facets. He also manages to throw in a few shocking surprises and emotional moments. The plot has thickened to the point where nothing can be predicted, Trifogli once again delivers spectacular art throughout the issue. Not only does he transform the human race, but he also continues to draw magnificent monsters and create strong emotional scenes. There were several times in the story where the artist captured Prosper’s feelings so well that it felt real. When that happens, it makes a comic so much better.


There was hardly anything wrong with this book. It was an outstanding read from start to finish. The excerpts from The Book of Monday were certainly confusing and slightly displeasing, but that hardly seems like anything really worth complaining about.



Not only was this the best issue of Hinterkind, it was one of the best single issues in comics in quite some time. Every moment of the villainy that played out amongst monsters and humans alike is quite enjoyable. Despite the fact that we see apocalyptic material all the time in this day and age, Edginton and Trifogli’s take feels fresh and fierce. It truly is a great story.

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