PREVIEW: Batman #27

by Oscar Bergeron-Oakes
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Next week brings the next exciting installment of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s epic story arc, Zero Year. As we delve into Batman’s past, readers are able to relive the glory days of Batman battling it out with the police of Gotham City. Things certainly don’t look good in these opening pages of Batman #27. Be sure to check out the issue when it hits stands next Wednesday!

np011714_batman27_article1 np011714_batman27_article4 np011714_batman27_article5 np011714_batman27_article6 np011714_batman27_article7 np011714_batman27_article8 np011714_batman27_article3 np011714_batman27_article2Let us know what you think about the upcoming issue in the comments below and like us on Facebook!

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