Arrow’s Stephen Amell Teases Upcoming “Island-Centric” Episode


“Episode 15 that we have coming up – and this is breaking news – it’s an island-centric episode,” Amell revealed to Entertainment Weekly Radio. “We take our usual format of 75% of the time in Starling City and 25% of the time on [the island], and we flip it upside down.”

Seems we’ll be taking a break from watching The Arrow pound on goons and other notable baddies for the sake of watching Oliver Queen try to survive on the island. Thanks to the numerous flashbacks we always get each episode it completes a character arc before our eyes, now we are treated an action-packed episode on the island that is sure to be eventful.

The actor goes on to describe the episode, named “The Promise”:

“[In this episode], there is a shot where we establish where we are and it’s the biggest shot that we’ve ever done on the show. There’s people getting blown up. There’s people getting thrown overboard.

“There are all of these incredible things happening, and then the camera zooms from way, way, way out and it comes in to end on a close-up of me. And all I had to do was evade a punch and bang a guy’s head into the wall. I was super nervous!”

oliver the island

I’ve always been more favorable towards the present day storyline in the show so I’m curious to see how a full episode of just the island will fare, what do you all think?


Source: DigitalSpy