Det. Harvey Bullock Cast in “Gotham”


What would a Gotham show be without the brash Det. Bullock? I’ll tell you, it won’t be fun.

Fortunately we won’t have to deal with that as Detective Gordon’s own sidekick Harvey Bullock has been cast to star in Fox’s “Gotham”.

Donal Logue has been pegged to star as Harvey Bullock alongside lead Benjamin McKenzie aka Det. Gordon in the Batman prequel show whose cast is slowly but surely filling out nicely.



Logue has been a TV regular for years starring in “Vikings”, “Sons of Anarchy”, and my personal favorite “Grounded for Life”.



This casting news follows the announcement of several other big name roles being cast a couple days ago, so it looks like Fox is giving “Gotham” its full attention, as it should.

All we need cast next is a certain young billionaire-to-be…

Source: Variety