Meredith Finch to Assume Writing Duties on Wonder Woman

by Reggie Hancock
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As reported on the site yesterday, David Finch, currently drawing the Forever Evil miniseries written by Geoff Johns, will be taking over penciling duties on Wonder Woman when Cliff Chiang and Brian Azzarello step down at the conclusion of their run. We were kept in the dark about who would be writing for Wonder Woman, until now! His wife, Meredith Finch, who currently writes for Zenescope Comics, will assume the position held by Azzarello. This has elicited cries of nepotism from around the internet, but this reporter is glad to see a husband/wife team on this book, and hope to see their combined influence make for compelling characterization in Diana’s critically-acclaimed solo title.



The only question remaining is: when will this happen? Stay tuned for any updates!

Source: Bleeding Cool

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