Reviews: Action Comics #29

by Alexander Cerola
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I’ve never been this entertained by Action Comics since Grant Morrison’s kick off way back in the beginning of the New 52. Suffice to say, Action Comics #29 is something fierce, it feels so long since we’ve had a great run on it (I would say November 2011 when Morrison started it). Feeling old now? It’s 2014, 3 years since the original New 52 kicked off. Well get over it, it’s just a number and the only difference is the molecules that currently are ‘you’ weren’t ‘you’ a bit ago. Greg Pak and Aaron Kruder are swinging for the fences with the blue boy scout and it’s quite interesting. Simply put, Superman is moving from being a bit of a douche’ to a human being.


I’ve always been a fan of Greg Pak’s work and he doesn’t disappoint. Since Pak has picked up Action Comics my interest in Superman’s life has been rekindled. His thoughts and actions, losing face, a temper to match his power and that’s the issue. It’s Superman’s vengeance, how he see’s the world and it’s perfect. Granted some may be taken aside by his brash words towards the Ghost and his ‘just taking orders’ mentality, but Pak’s words through Kent’s mouth ring true. Doesn’t matter if there orders, you’re still a guilty party in the mess.

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With sweet satisfaction everyone that has been a problem in Superman side or an arrogant prick gets their due, it’s delicious. No 90’s angst/grim/dark here. Just some sweet, sweet justice…and chin music. Lots of that actually, but hey don’t kill the Kryptonian’s furry little friends.

Then we have Aaron Kruder’s fantastic art. The anatomy is a bit wonky with certain poses but it’s just so powerful that you can overlook it a bit. I’ve never seen the scope of Superman’s freeze breathe. I haven’t been reading much Superman, but never have I seen his ‘super-breathe’ with such extraordinary blow back as he learns how to control his temper. I really do feel Pak and Kruder are going to do us well with their entire run.


Anatomy of certain poses is exaggerated and uneven at times.

It's still awesome though!

It’s still awesome though!


Rating: 5/5


Buy the Pak and Kruder run on Actions Comics right now. Go out and check it out. It’s a fun run for the character and the creative team is a great fit.

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