DCN Presents Top Ten Moments: Dick Grayson

by Joey Garces
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Here at DCN we thought we’d take a break from reporting all your DC Comics News so we can have a moment of fandom. Starting now we’re going to have a new article every week up giving some of our favorite moments of certain DC characters, so sit back and enjoy. First up we have the incomparable Dick Grayson.

10. “Be Careful, They’re Very Cool”

they're very cool, nightwing

One of the great things about Nightwing is his little quips his sense of humor in general. This gets put in the spotlight especially when he’s budding around with one of his  “little brothers” Tim Drake. Pre-52 Dick and Tim had one of the most enjoyable relationships in the DCU and when they hangout together lines like the one we see above are why we come to appreciate Dick so.

9. Dick Asks Batman to Let Him Fight With Him- Nightwing #0 (New 52)

nightwing figures out identity nightwing 0


Even as a kid Dick was always a sharp tool in the shed, so when Bruce Wayne adopts him after the death of his parents Dick doesn’t take long to decipher what his new guardian does for a living. Asking  Bruce to let him fight alongside him just shows his maturity even as a young kid and his level-headedness. Little did they both know that by allowing Dick to fight alongside Bruce, they would form the most iconic superhero-sidekick relationship in comic book history.

8. Do Not Hit Alfred- Gotham Knights #30

nightiwng don't hit alfred gotham knights 30


The plethora of father figures to Dick knows no bounds, least of all the fantastic Alfred. It seems like any member who interacts with Alfred becomes fond of him, and Dick’s affection for Alfred is second only to Bruce. So when Azrael loses his mind and makes the poor decision of striking Alfred, you can guess that doesn’t go over to well with Dick.

7. Jim Gordon Gets Used to Dick’s Turn as Batman- “Batman: Black Mirror”

nightwing black mirror


When Bruce up and died it fell to Dick to take up the mantle as Batman, something that Commisioner Gordon had no choice but to notice. He doesn’t know who this new Batman is, but he gets the feeling this person could be the man for the job. He certainly appreciates Dick’s ability to hold a conversation.

6. Superman and Dick (Batman) Form a Partnership- Superman/Batman #76

nightwing superman partnership batman superman 76 part 1 part 2

While the death of Bruce sure threw a lot of things of off it was nice to see Superman come around and accept Dick as a partner. These two had a nice friendship before Dick assumed the mantle and it seemed that bond would only grow stronger the closer they worked together.

5. Nightwing Pays Deathstroke’s Bounty- Nightwing #82 (Pre52)

nightwing pays bounty #82


In this issue again shows off Dick’s dedication to his friends and the lengths he would go to protect them. Someone put a bounty out on Dick’s friend Captain Rohrbach and Deathstroke was looking to capitalize. Dick knew that eventually he couldn’t stop Deathstroke from fulfilling the contract so Dick did take action. He took his own money and paid off the bounty, plus a 1.50, so that Deathstroke would take the money and leave his friend alone, how thoughtful!

4. Dick and Damian’s Last Stand- Batman Inc#8

damian and dick grayson batman inc


After a stint as Batman and Robin together, the bond between Dick and Damian was as strong as ever. It took Dick months to crack through Damian’s thick personality and through that a brothership was formed and Damian looked up to Dick in ways neither of them could have imagined. So in this issue with their backs against the wall Damian confides in Dick how much he enjoyed their time together and how great they were. Of course what happens later on in this issue reverberates more than this moment, it’s just a great time to see these two interact.

3.  Dick Proposes to Barbara Gordon- Nightwing #117

Nightwing-Oracle-barbara-gordon-and-dick-grayson-10801993-666-1023 dick and barbara #2


At this time Dick and Barbara were going through a rough patch as they were trying to save their relationship and keep their superhero duties in check. Dick was about to go off and fight in the Infinite Crisis battle but not before breaking down and telling Babs how much he loves her so ultimately proposing to her. Tear-jerker!

2. The Birth of Nightwing- Nightwing Volume 3, Issue #102

nightwing volu 3 #21 origin 1 part 2 #102 part 3#102


After taking a leave of absence from being Robin Dick need time to sort himself out and figure out if he wanted to continue costume fighting. He sought advice and wisdom from Superman to get his perspective on why it’s important to keep going and Superman regaled Dick with a story of a hero from Krypton. That hero’s name was Nightwing and the story stuck with Dick so he adopted the name and decided to keep on going, and thus a legend was born.

1. Dick Punches Batman- “Batman-The Animated Series”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aq7VwEZw67g]Anyone that can straight up walk up and clock Batman in the face immediately ups their badassery. So in this old episode when Dick’s had enough of Batman toying with is emotion he makes the decision that reverberates throughout the DCU and quits as Robin. Not before leaving us with this super badass moment.


So there we have it, some of our favorite moments of the Former Boy-Wonder Dick Grayson. If you enjoyed this article and want to recommend  the next character we should focus on, leave a comment below or let us know on our Facebook page.

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