Man of Steel 2 vs Captain America 3

by Damian Fasciani
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Superman-vs-Batman-vs-Captain-America-290x140Earlier this year we received news the Warner Brothers had pushed out the release date for Batman vs Superman to May 6th, 2016. To the dislike of many DC fans, debate and commentary sparked post the announcement as to why we had to wait so long for the two iconic characters to make their duel on-screen debut.

The date however had pervasively been marked by Marvel for a potential release of a superhero movie, and we now know what movie is scheduled to take Batman vs Superman head on. Captain America 3!

“We’re still on that date and we’re going to be announcing soon what the movie will be on that date. That’s what we’re sort of actively working on as we get ready to firm up and get into pre-production what will be the two films for ’16 and the two films for ’17,” said Marvel boss Kevin Feige to IGN yesterday.

With these two films meeting head on for the same release date could in fact be one of the biggest superhero showdowns in motion picture history. The debate of who will see what on opening day, the comparison of box office dollars, the marketing lead up alone will be a battle we will all love to watch unfold.

Stay tuned for more information.

source: breathecast

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