Justice League and more DC movie announcements coming!

by Michael Pantaleon
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With all eyes looking towards a Batman vs. Superman flick in May 2016, there may be new buzz circulating around upcoming announcements regarding a Justice League movie and more from DC!

In a NYTimes article, Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara stated a new DC movie film series will be announced soon and it may have something to do with Justice League. Let’s expect some major announcement(s) around San Diego Comic-Con weekend.

Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara

Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara

Checking in with the rumor reports, the upcoming Man of Steel sequel is supposed to directly lead into a Justice League movie. Some even speculate that due to their recent “delay” announcement, that the movie will actually turn out to be a Justice League movie. But a precursor move sounds more likely. People want to see Batman and Superman in a Batman vs. Superman movie. However, appearances by other JL members or other DC characters may be a smart move on DC/WB’s part. It may help build more anticipation and a fan base for these “other” DC characters before DC/WB potentially release solo films for these them. Sort of a reverse move of what Marvel did with their Avengers franchise, where they built up their characters using solo movies for them leading up to a big team-up.

Plus, talks and reports say that Warner Bros. is working on a Sandman film with David Goyer and Joseph Gordon-Levitt and also a Justice League Dark film from Guillermo del Toro. All of which, sound like very exciting works.

dark_universe_justice_league_dark_guillermo_del_toro sandman_promo_large_verge_medium_landscape

Gal Gadot’s casting for the next DC/WB film has fans speculating that a Wonder Woman solo movie should spin out of this DC shared universe. Gadot signed a 3-film deal so that leaves people guessing Batman vs. Superman, Justice League, and a solo Wonder Woman. We could continue speculation into a solo Batfleck film, another solo Man of Steel, maybe even a Flash or Aquaman? All speculation. But if DC announces any one or more of these, DC fans (and DC Comics News) will be going nuts with anticipation.

Justice League movie

Source: CosmicBookNews & The New York Times


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