Justice League Dark #29 Review – “And in the End…”

by Cynthia Ayala
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Forever Evil is coming to a close (thank goodness).  Now below is the synopsis provided by DC Comic for the Forever Evil: Blight arc that took place within the pages of Justice League Dark #29:

“FOREVER EVIL: BLIGHT” conclusion! Witness the self-destruction of John Constantine, who might just be more vile than any of the villains in FOREVER EVIL!

John #1 or John #2?

John #1 or John #2?

This is the final battle on the magic front with the Justice League Dark against Faust and Nick Necro.  This issue opens with Faust defeated by a John Constantine, as it’s soon revealed there are two Constantine’s within this issue.  John, or who the readers will think is John decides to do the most astonishing thing: give up his life to restore everyone’s magic.

Maybe that should have been the hint that he was not the real Constantine.


A selfless act from the demon inside

But the interesting plot twist in the issue traces back to an earlier issue in the Justice League Evil series, which is also part of the Forever Evil event, when Constantine and the Nightmare Nurse had to let their inner demons lose to fight the blight.  The demon that was inside of Constantine manifested and become human, and all because of Constantine’s overwhelming love for Zatanna.

That little side in the story brought to life some tension in the story between Zatanna and Constantine.  Of course those two have their issues due to the fact that Constantine is a con man, but the reveal that he has the capability to be truly selfless man, showed Zatanna who he could be and who he chose to be.

Later in the issue, the artists make the heartbreak on her face plain when she is forced to use most of her magic in order to save all the magical beings trapped by Faust.  Why was it all on her?  Well because John Constantine did what he always does and abandoned them all.  After all, he’s always looking out for number one.  That right there was the last straw for Zatanna and forced her hand.

Well, Swamp Thing has had enough.

Well, Swamp Thing has had enough.

Overall, this was a good issue and very fun to read.  Swamp Thing especially has a priceless moment, a frequent occurrence that has happened since he entered Justice League Dark for the Forever Evil event.  I’m personally not a fan of Swamp Thing, but since he’s been a part of Justice League Dark, his character has grown on me.

One thing still bothers me though: is Nightmare is blond or a red head? Her hair color shifts between series and as a fan of her character, seeing a lot of her thrills me but I would like the artists to settle on a definitive hair color for her.

Justice League Dark #29

Justice League Dark #29

Issue Credits:

Art by: Mikel Janin

Cover by: Mikel Janin

Written by: J.M. DeMatteis

Source: DC Comics

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