Suicide Squad Gets “New” Life In DC Relaunch

by Joshua Raynor
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Following on the heels of the recent announcement that DC was relaunching Teen Titans with a brand new #1 and a new creative staff, DC Comics made another announcement…Suicide Squad will also be getting a relaunch, under the new title, New Suicide Squad.

There's a new boss in town

There’s a new boss in town

Sean Ryan (Secret Six, Wonder Woman) and Jeremy Roberts (Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S.) will be leading the charge with this new group.  As the cover for the first issue shows, Joker’s Daughter, Deathstroke, and Black Manta will be taking over, seemingly replacing Harley Quinn, Amanda Waller, and Deadshot.

In an interview with IGN, artist Jeremy Roberts promised that this series would be a “great jumping-on point.”  The interview also revealed that this new team’s first mission would take place in Russia and that Waller is no longer in charge of things.  This sounds pretty wild to me.  Deathstroke is one of my absolute favorite characters, and when DC decided to cancel his stand-alone series many people were disappointed, but with him headlining this new Suicide Squad you can be sure that fans, including myself, will be checking it out.

Deathstroke #1 - New 52

Deathstroke #1 – New 52

The original Suicide Squad debuted in 1959 as a WWII unit made to replace the JSA after most of the members had retired.  After the short-lived Silver Age incarnation, they were revived in the 80’s, bringing the team closer to what we know now.  There have been four relaunches since the original, and New Suicide Squad will be the fifth.

In recent years, the Suicide Squad has gained more recognition due to being featured in the hit CW shows, Smallville, and most recently, Arrow.  The episode of Arrow titled “Suicide Squad” was definitely one of my favorites and most anticipated.  With such great storylines and character development, Arrow is by far one of the best superhero TV shows ever to grace the small screen, but that discussion is for another time.

The New Suicide Squad relaunch will take place in July of 2014, alongside the new relaunch of Teen Titans.  I know I’ll be checking it out, will you?



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