Rumor: Will Clark Kent Die in Batman Vs Superman?

by Joey Garces
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As the days draws on, “Batman vs Superman”, the “Man of Steel” sequel continues it’s train of fan speculation. While the movie is currently in production we’ve yet to hear some concrete details regarding the movie’s plot, which is probably all for the better. We know that the Warner Bros. think tank is going through every scenario possible to give fans the most enjoyable experience as they attempt to bring together the Justice League with the “Man of Steel” follow up.

What is listed below are some rumors and theories  has drummed up as possible scenarios for Batman vs Superman.

1) Superman will die at the hands of Metallo.


This of course would be quite the ambitious move by Warner Bros and DC, should they attempt to have the Justice League try to bring him back to life or something in the next film. Who knows how they would try to work it, Superman has died in the comics before but to try to bring that comic adaptation to life would certainly leave Zack Snyder and company with their hands full.

2)Metallo and Lex Luthor are the main villains of the movie.


While Jessie Eisenberg has already been cast as Lex Luthor in the film, there’s been no official word from Warner Bros. regarding the possibility of having Metallo in the movie. If anyone were to actually kill Superman, Metallo would be the one to do it though. He’s been a fan favorite for years and has in his own right stirred up quite a number of people who would like to see him in the movie.

3)Batman strikes a deal with U.S. government to bring in Superman.


Following the destruction of Metropolis certainly Bruce Wayne/Batman would be very interested in bringing in the alien Superman, in the attempt to want to prevent another city’s destruction. The question is though during his manhunt for Superman will Batman realize that there’s more to the Man of Steel than meets the eye.

4)Aquaman will be in the movie.


This theory to me makes the most sense, the world engine from “Man of Steel” was directly over the ocean frying most likely all aquatic life in the vicinity. This clearly would not go over well for Atlanteans who would then look to their king Aquaman to make a stand for their people. It’s perfect motivation and a great opportunity for the King of the Seven Seas to make his big screen debut.

5)Lois Lane will be investigating Lex Luthor for the majority of the movie.

She proved herself quite the reporter as she deduced the identity of Superman in the first Man of Steel movie, so why not turn your attention on the shady Lex Luthor. Definetly some potential for great dialogue between the two as Amy Adams and Jessie Eisenberg are respectively both strong actors.

6)At the end of the movie Superman will either be dead or in exile and will be set up for a return in “Justice League” movie.


I would definitely list this as doubtful as actually killing off Superman but it’s still fun to think about the possibility. As the comics have shown, Lex Luthor is one to sway a number of people so the idea of using his genius and power to turn the entire world against Superman is not that far fetched. Perhaps the Justice League will be started around the end of the movie and in the midst of a fierce battle with someone along the likes of Darkseid. Making it a perfect chance for the Man of Steel to redeem himself in the public eye.


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