Review: Batman: Eternal Issue #6: The Denied

by Darius_DC
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Hey guys, Darius here, bringing you guys my review of Batman: Eternal Issue #6. In this issue, titled “The Denied,” we find a gang war looming in Gotham City as we find something mystic and hellish happening within the tunnels of Arkham Asylum. This leads to Batman getting paid a visit from Jim Corrigan, host to the deadly Spectre!


  • This issue is an engaging story. Not a very action-packed issue, but I love how the elements were being played out through the use of conversation rather than pure action. I am always a sucker for quality dialogue over pure explosive action. However, when action scenes show up, they are very cool.
  • I like how we start to see the supernatural element that Ray Fawkes was eluding to prior to the release of the “Eternal” story arc. We see this with not one, but two supernatural beings interact with our ultimate techno-geek Batwing, whose suit looks amazing by the way. The two supernatural beings are the Gentleman’s Ghost, making his Batman: Eternal debut, and Jim Corrigan, host to The Spectre, making his first major introduction into the New 52!
  • Speaking of The Spectre, I love how charming Jim Corrigan is. He is cool and is different than what we usually see when it comes to people being possessed by larger entities in this universe. I can tell I am really going to be interested in the Jim Corrigan host personality as much as The Spectre himself as the arc continues.
  • Trevor McCarthy taking on drawing duties in this issue was good. He showed some very creepy illustrations of Doctor Phosphorus and, making her introduction into the “Eternal” arc as well, Joker’s Daughter! He depicted gruesome scenes in this issue very well and I was creeped out by the left arms that were amputated from the bodies of Joker’s Daughter’s captives and laying all around….this is a plus in my book.


  • I feel like we are in exposition still, which makes sense because it is a yearlong arc, but by six weeks in real time passing by, I would think readers, including me, would want to see the plot begin to open up more instead of still being stuck in set-up.


I love that I have the opportunity to review Batman: Eternal as an arc and I love it so far. With that said, Batman: Eternal Issue #6, as an individual issue, has a lot to love and is a good read. It is not an action-packed issue but it is a very creepy yet beautiful issue to counteract the lack of many action scenes.  With Fawke’s supernatural implants into this arc working in tandem with McCarthy’s artistic talent for bringing the supernatural and gruesome scenes to life, this is a good buy.




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