Gal Gadot Filming WW Scene in ‘Batman vs. Superman’

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It looks like it’s finally begun, or at least some of it. Thanks to the power of Twitter, a few photos of Gal Gadot filming have been made available to the public.  Although it’s a little difficult to see her, that is Wonder Woman in the blue dress walking out of the building.

Apparently the scene called for Gal to exit the building and enter the silver Mercedes, with the driver waiting, again and again.

There’s also something to note: Gal has dyed her hair black to match the character’s. And while the picture isn’t zoomed in enough for us to tell, it is possible that she’s gone all the way with the look, and is wearing blue colored contacts, as well.

After the unveiling of Ben Affleck’s Batsuit, the anticipation for Wonder Woman’s costume is certainly high. And while the above doesn’t show a costumed Wonder Woman, it does hint at the possibility of her alter ego, Diana Prince. Depending on the incarnation, the Prince alter ego can be an Army Nurse or even a Secret Agent. If previous rumors are anything to go by, then Wonder Woman’s alter ego will be some sort of individual who works her way within the ranks of Wayne Enterprises. There, she’ll be trying to locate an artifact sacred to the Amazons.

Keep in mind that that is just a rumor, and while the above image doesn’t dispel it, it certainly doesn’t confirm it either.

This photo may be the first of many to come as filming kicks off during the summer.

“Batman vs. Superman” is expected to release on May 6th, 2014, after its previous date of Summer 2015.

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