Superman: Doomed – What We Know So Far

by Cynthia Ayala
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Superman: Doomed, yet another Superman crossover event has brought back one of Superman’s deadliest villains: Doomsday!!

Superman: Doomed #1

Superman: Doomed #1

In the first issue of Superman: Doomed, Superman discovers that Doomsday is back and stronger than before, leaving carnage in his wake. The past has made it very clear how strong and powerful Doomsday is, he was the villain to “kill” Superman, going toe-to-toe with Superman. Nevertheless, something has changed in the villain. Not only do people – and Superman – have to fear his brute strength, but now, they have to fear the poison he emits. Now, for those of you who haven’t read the first three chapters of this arc, stop reading now because there are going to be some spoilers ahead.

Okay, so if you picked up this series thinking it was going to be another rehash of Death of Superman with Supes facing this Kryptonian war mutation throughout the arc, think again. Superman defeats Doomsday in the very first issue. However, it’s not over. Using his super-breath, Superman sucks in all the poison around him and that is the catalyst of the story.

Superman #30 - Prequel to Superman: Doomed

Superman #30 – Prequel to Superman: Doomed

Just look back at what the Eradicator said to Superman when he corners him about the Doomsday crop circles in Smallville. Superman asks him if Doomsday is going to return, if he’s going to be the cause of destruction. Eradicator responds:

“No, ‘Superman’…by you!”

– Superman #30

It’s almost as if the Eradicator saw the future. In any case, in Superman/Wonder Woman #8, readers get to see the effects of the poison, which we learn has the ability to turn any character into Doomsday. He has a self-replicating genome that enables him to take over the bodies of super-powered characters.

Superman and Lex as they have always been...until now

Superman and Lex as they have always been…until now

Another strange twist in this arc is the that Lex Luthor and Superman are working together. After the events of FOREVER EVIL, Lex has shown his better side to the likes of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, pulling these characters together. Still, it’s a strange sight to see these two classic rivals fighting side by side. That only ever happens when something happens to Lois Lane and Superman goes off his rocker.

However, with the poison, now deemed the “Doom Infection” changing Superman’s DNA. The self-replicating genome is affecting Superman, causing him to have uncontrollable rage issues as well as having visions of hurting and killing those around him.

As the story continues, readers may just see Doomsday again. The real question is if readers will see Superman again.

Source: Comic Vine, IGN

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