Mark Waid’s thoughts on THE FLASH Pilot


In a recent interview, comic book writer Mark Waid (Kingdom Come, Superman: Birthright) shared his thoughts on The CW’s pilot episode of The Flash. Waid discusses how he had some concerns but overall he seems to like the tone and visuals. Here are some of his recent twitter posts about what he had to say about the show:


Not only is the #Flash pilot EXCELLENT, but (for this) the dead-mom retcon doesn’t grate. Great show, and Tom Cavanagh is astounding.

— Mark Waid (@MarkWaid) May 23, 2014

@gberlanti @AJKreisberg Seriously, you two. #Flash is really, really good. You made it work. Thanks for remembering he ENJOYS HIS WORK.

— Mark Waid (@MarkWaid) May 23, 2014

@GBerlanti @AJKreisberg My pleasure. “My name is Barry Allen, and I’m the fastest man alive.” I can’t wipe this stupid smile off my face.

— Mark Waid (@MarkWaid) May 23, 2014

Waid, who has been critical about other DC Comics media like Man of Steel, a positive response to The Flash is a great opinion to look at. So with that being said, are you looking forward to The Flash even more now with Mark Waid’s praise? Let us know in the comment section.

The Flash starring Grant Gustin as Barry Allen will air this fall on The CW.