Review: THE FLASH #31

by Joey Garces
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This is the second issue from the new creative team of Venditti and Jensen, and they have another strong outing. We are more exposed to some of the fallout from the Crime Syndicate in this issue, and get another look at the vengeful new Wally West. But what really stands out is the phenomenal murder mystery feel to #31, not just your typical Flash running around and punching stuff issue. That plus the attention to the real life characters, not just the superheroes and super villains of world, made this a fun read. We saw a lot of attention regarding Patty, Iris, and especially Wally.


Despite this issue being a more personal story for Barry, we’re treated to some great action scenes involving Future Flash as he takes on Mirror Master 16 years from now. Artists Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund both know how to draw a hell of a Flash and it’s present throughout #31. Flash 31

The end game is still a bit fuzzy at this point but the jumping back and forth between the future and present has been working thus far. Something’s eventually got to give though as Future Flash continues to leave a trail of destruction while he continues to fix the broken time stream.

Back in the present, the CSI atmosphere is paramount as Vendetti and Jensen produce stronger dialogue and tension. Barry trying to balance out his attempts to impress Director Singh and his pleas to reach out to jerk kid Wally, make for a fun dynamic.


I understand that a backstory needs to be set up, but I cannot wait much longer to see the inevitable Barry and Wally team up. Luckily the good thing with Booth’s art is that he shows just a tinge of insecurity behind Wally’s eyes so you don’t get too mad at him for lashing out. Flash, Wally West

This is one bad conversation away from Wally getting the hate Damian Wayne got early when he was introduced, something I definitely do not want to see happen. With Wally it’s not hard to see why he is so angsty but he better start getting damn chipper sometime soon!

Also as said before it’s not that much of a problem now but the constant change back and forth through the future and present can get muddled if not handled correctly.


Vendetti/Jensen and Booth are cranking up the drama with their latest issue, setting up a great future for all FLASH characters.  The story continues to get more complex as we deal with the connecting murders surrounding the FOREVER EVIL fallout. The Future Flash arc is very interesting but with so many questions left unanswered who knows where the story will go. As the action picks up this is for sure not the series to fall behind on.



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