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Apparently, there is another rumor about WW’s duds that is making it’s way around the internet. Add this to the other Wonder Woman costume rumors while you’re at it.

Wonder Woman, Odyssey, Gal Gadot, Batman v. Superman
‘Odyssey Costume’

According to Flickering Myth, The Amazon Princess’ costume will resemble, if not completely mimic, the costume she wore in the ‘Odyssey’ Storyline. Unlike Wonder Woman’s classic costume, this Odyssey variant, is less revealing, and sports a jacket, pants, and gets rid of the red go-go boots.

Of course, while the latter costume will make more sense in the pseudo-realistic world of the DC Cinematic Universe, it goes against everything that Wilkinson, the costume designer, has stated about the costume.

He’s been quoted as saying her costume is “less skimpy” and more “gladiator-like”. And while the ‘Odyssey’ costume is less skimpy than the classic (and New 52) costume, there’s nothing about it that screams gladiator, or gladiator-like.

There was a popular fan manip of Gal Gadot in the aforementioned ‘Odyssey’ costume, that showed it could probably be done in the film. Whether or not, it will be is another thing. At this point it’s all (except for Wilkinson’s comments) a rumor, and should be taken with a heaping of salt.

See which costume Wonder Woman dons when Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice
releases May 6, 2016.


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