Review: GREEN ARROW #32

by Gregg Hamm
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Green Arrow has been through an incredibly emotional journey as he fought his way through The Outsiders War. Now Ollie must come home and face the new threats that have rose together to oppose him. Issue # 32 kicks off writer Jeff Lemire’s next arc i4-5b06179acan the series- Green Arrow: Broken, which pits our protagonist against a new group of rogues known as the Longbow Hunters. The seeds of this arc were planted during the last story line as we seen glimpses of Richard Dragon systematically taking over Seattle while assembling a group of allies.  It appears that Lemire and artist Andrea Sorrentino show no signs of slowing down, so fans of their run so far will definitely want to tune into this one.


First and foremost I should mention Artist Andrea Sorrentino’s work on this issue. Not only does he keep the same great consistency we’ve come to expect, he also changes it up a bit during a flashback sequence. If his interiors aren’t enough to convince you, take a look at the cover and I’m sure you’ll be blown away.

After being teased about Richard Dragon in the last arc, writer Jeff Lemire fully introduces the character and gives him a full fledged origin story. It’s refreshing to learn so much about our main villain so early on in the story. While the rest of Green Arrows new rogues are showcased in this issue, it’s Red Dart that steals the show. Lemire does a great job of creating an interesting and menacing antagonist whose name sounds rather silly. I really look forward to seeing more from the other characters as well especially the newly introduced Brick. I’m hoping Lemire makes him complex and not just the muscle of the group.

Overall nothing to complain about this issue. While most issues that begin a new story arc suffer from the same problems, this issue veers away from them. This new story line starts off with a bang(literally) and I really look forward to next month’s issue.


Overall this was a great issue. The creative delivers the same consistent quality we’ve come to expect, while breathing new new life into the series. It’s always great to see a series not get stuck in it’s ways, and follow an original idea with another completely different and original concept. I highly recommend this issue to all.



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