Warner Bros. Tour Secret Revealed

After a host of many rumors and days of speculation, Warner Bros. Tour finally announced their big secret. Many believed it had something to do with Batman v. Superman, or the reveal of the Wonder Woman costume. Well let me be the bearer of bad news, it has nothing to do with Wonder Woman but it does have plenty to do with Batman. So it should too, given the Dark Knight has been one of the strongest comic based products for the studio.


Here is the revealed secret:

Don’t get me wrong… This news is still pretty cool but let’s be real. Our hopes and expectations were super high! A Batman Tour is still awesome though, especially seeing all those cool movie props in person.

What do you think of the “big reveal” by Warner Bros Tours? Is it what you expected or were you expecting some Batman vs Superman News? Let us know in the comment section.

Source: Warner Bros Tours (via Twitter)