The CW’s hit series, Arrow has geeks everywhere going crazy over all the great characters that have been smoothly introduced into the show. We have been pampered with characters like Slade Wilson, Roy Harper, Canary, Nyssa Al Ghul, and let’s not forget the biggest one- The Flash! What about the biggest character tease? If you have seen the Suicide Squad episodes, you know exactly what I am talking about. We got a glimpse of the back of Harley Quinn in her cell wearing a jumpsuit and even heard her speak! Was this just a tease? Here is what Stephen Amell had to say:

“I don’t know if she’s going to be involved in Season Three, but the high-pitched voice in Episode 16 was absolutely Harley Quinn…I didn’t know about any of this, by the way, because I wasn’t in that scene. But I’m a fan and I remember seeing that preview and feeling like I should have known that this was going to happen!…I also know that there was an additional scene with that character in the finale — again, still in the cell, still with her back to us — but it had to be cut for time.”

The perfect Quinn voice we heard was done by Tara Strong who has been the Harley voice actress in the animated series. However, the actress who played Harley was  Cassidy Alexa. We don’t have much information on this lovely actress but all we do know is that she has the perfect face for Harley Quinn. I believe that we will not get Harley Quinn in the near future being that the actress must also be capable of sounding as awesome as Tara Strong. What do you guys think? Will we have a Harley Quinn, or was the brief cameo just a tease?