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Hey guys, Darius here, bringing to you my review of issue #11 of BATMAN ETERNAL. Now in BATMAN ETERNAL #11, The trial of Jim Gordon begins. Also we get to spend some time in Brazil with Batgirl investigating a Brazilian TV star who was at the site of the train crash in Gotham. In this issue we see, of course, Snyder and Tynion IV as head writers; however, instead of John Layman writing the script like he did the last couple of issues, Tim Seeley writes the script for this issue. A little change but a solid outing for Seeley as script writer. Also in this issue, Guillem March is not the main artist for this issue. In this issue we have Ian Bertram taking the reigns as head artist for this issue and it was okay, but I’ll go into detail later on in the review. So let us go into more detail with the Positives and Negatives of BATMAN ETERNAL #11.


  • I am a sucker for a woman-lead comic or issue, and I love when Batgirl takes the lead during this story arc. Just like in BATMAN ETERNAL #4, Batgirl shines in this issue, to me anyways. She is still searching for answers to clear her father’s name and it does not matter to her how she gets or who she has to hurt to get it. I love how Red Hood points out that she is not thinking clearly, she is too fueled by rage, it is kinda the same thing that Batman told her in issue #4. Red Hood/Jason Todd is really starting to sound like Batman. Hopefully, as he continues to watch Batgirl, he will convince her to start thinking with her head and not her emotions.

  • I love seeing Stephanie Brown in this issue. We see Stephanie find out more of Cluemaster’s background, as well as, the first time she experienced Batman fighting her father. I love how her storing is developing nicely. The only question I have is: in the later issues will she become Batgirl to take down her father? Or at least don some kind of superhero suit/identity to take him down.
  • The writing and the script was, again, solid. It was not anything spectacular like the last two issues’ scripts were, but, I was still entertained.
  • The quick scenes with Batman trying to comfort Catwoman was pretty cool. You can tell she was shaken up by the whole situation with Falcone and hopefully she get out this rut because something tells me Batman will need her to take Falcone down in the later issues.


  • I thought the weakest part of this issue was the artwork. Something about Ian Bertram’s artwork is off for me. I think it is because I am so used to Guillem March’s artwork that his artwork does not fit well with this BATMAN ETERNAL story. I thought it was too light, and this story is supposed to be pretty dark. The only compliment I can give the artwork is that you can see the characters’ eyes better. That is not saying much.
  • Alfred and Julia’s exchange it was good, yet I do not know where this is supposed to be going. Okay, we have some kind of parent-child dynamic going on, but we have that with Stephanie Brown and her parents and Batgirl and Ex- Commissioner Jim Gordon, for the most part, so I think we do not need Alfred and Julia’s dynamic right now, or even at all.


I believe that I expect so much good, scratch that great, quality from this series now that anything less would be disappointing for me personally. I have to say BATMAN ETERNAL #11 is by far the weakest issue of the series so far, despite the 3 out of 5 rating. However, it is still a solid issue because of Tim Seeley’s script and because of the fact it was a female-centric issue. If you find the artwork good and you love a female-lead issue, then I recommend this issue for you.



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