Review – LARFLEEZE #12

by Amy Beddoes
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LARFLEEZE #12 is (Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis) is a fulfilling end to a series of zany adventures – if you enjoy the tone of the book, that is.

Wrapping up the loose ends of the series – as many as there were, at any rate – LARFLEEZE #12 is  a loving sendoff that perfectly embodies the tone that defined the series. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but it is, if nothing else, exactly what series fans were hoping for.

LARFLEEZE #12 - Larfleeze's and G'nort's rings argue whose owner is worse.Positives

As a whole, this series can be rather hit or miss – the only real appeal here is Giffen’s humor, and if you’re not a fan, you will not have fun. But for those who are fans, this issue is a hilarious capper.  And between the entertaining “I can’t believe I never thought of that” Larfleeze/G’nort team-up, Larfleeze’s long-suffering slave/assistant, and Larfleeze’s and G’nort’s rings taking a moment to complain about their respective bearers, the humor is so over-the-top and utterly bizarre that I found myself chuckling despite not having enjoyed the earlier issues. Whatever else, Giffen really brings his “bwa-ha-ha”-game, and all the running gags get their time in the spotlight.

Artwise, too, I found this issue rather enjoyable. Though less cartoony than I would have expected for a series of this tone, DeMatteis really has fun with the ludicrous scenes he deals with, from alimony-seeking robots to Larfleeze’s characteristic “MINE!” snarls. It’s a little grotesque in parts, but honestly, that’s part of the charm.

NegativesLARFLEEZE #12 - the Wanderer returns her siblings to their universe

I’ll confess to not being a fan of this series in general. While it’s managed to worm the occasional laugh from me, this issue in particular, I largely find that most of the jokes are too gross or overdone to be particularly funny. If you like this style of humor, you’ll have the time of your life. But honestly, there’s a reason that we’re cutting this series off at 12 issues.


Honestly, I’m not sure there’s anything I can say to make you buy this issue or not. If you’re already into the series, you’re almost certain to pick it up, and if you’re not, this is hardly the place to start. But as for the series as a whole? Who knows? If you’re the type to enjoy the crass, over-the-top humor with little characterization or drama characteristic of Giffen, this is the book for you – and capping off at 12 issues, there’s not a particularly large backlog to get to. But it’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea.


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