Hey guys, Darius here, bringing to you my review of JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND 2.0 #23. Now in JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND 2.0 #23, the Justice League and the Justice Lords battle for the fate of both worlds. Suddenly, Lord Superman does the unthinkable. I loved this issue! The writing was superb, the artwork was great, and the pacing was good and had me engaged throughout this issue. Let’s get more in detail with the positives and negatives of this issue.


  • The writing was excellent. The dialogue exchange between Lord Superman and Zod was insanely good. Lord Superman is so manipulative and just plain evil and yet he sees that what he’s doing is justified for the sake of his Earth. Also, you can really feel how Zod feels about the situation of basically fighting his biological father. The exchange between Lord Superman and the regular Superman was great. It was that pivotal scene where we saw what makes the Superman we know and love so great and sets him apart from Lord Superman. What makes him so great is his self-control and it was just poetic justice to see him just let Lord Superman go and walk away. All this is accomplished because of great writing by Christos N. Cage.

JLB 2.0-23-2

  • Dexter Soy is in top form as usual when it comes to this issue. With his art in this issue, every emotion is felt and seen on his characters’ faces,and the action is intense. All of this is because of his style of drawing, that is more detailed and less cartoony, has set the pace for weeks of great issues.

JLB 2.0-23-6

  • Bruce Wayne pulling a “signature” Batman move that showed the Justice Lords members how Lord Superman was manipulating them. It was just a great scene that showed off his genius and it shows that even though he is older, he is still Batman!
  • I love the crossing over between JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND 2.0 and Batman Beyond 2.0 because if you, as a reader, were wondering where the heck Terry was read Batman Beyond 2.0. If you were reading Batman Beyond 2.0 then you were waiting for Terry to make his grand entrance, and grand it was! After Lord Superman shot the Justice League and Justice Lords with an improved version of Lex’s weapon that took away their powers, Terry flies in and punches Lord Superman with a kryptonite Batman battle suit! Even though he doesn’t end the battle, he weakened Lord Superman, with the help of Superman stabbing Lord Superman with a kryptonite batarang, enough for every member of both leagues to take him down once and for all. You can see this scene in the next issue of Batman Beyond 2.0.


You won’t find any negatives from me in this issue!


What I love about this issue so much is that Christos N. Gage could have made this a filler issue that leads into the final issue, but he chose not to and brought us a great issue! The writing was great, the art was amazing, and every scene flowed so well thanks to good pacing. There is no way you guys will not like JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND 2.0 #23! I highly recommend this issue!



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