Green Lantern comics to weave a new threat for DCU…again

No rest for these guardians huh? Green Lantern comics is finishing up its crossover event, Uprising, with Green Lantern #33 and Green Lantern Corps #33. But with the coming of futures end, more adventures of epic proportions are on their way.

Robert Venditti sat down with Newsarama to reveal details and hints into the new threat that will surface in Venditti’s Green Lantern: Futures End #1, an issue that will reference things to come in 2014-2015. For those of you who may not know, Vanditti is best known for his work Top Shelf and his comic turned film The Surrogates.

With the Futures End issue, Venditti will be expanding the Future’s End storyline to the rest of space since the weekly series has mainly been Earth based. His intent is to throw a bunch of hints at the reader to allow the story to unfold in the following months. In his interview, Venditti has teased that he will be creating new characters who will work as a very strong adversary for the Green Lanterns.

Green Lantern #33
Green Lantern #33

This story arc has also been admitted as “ambitious” and “hugely significant, not just for the Green Lantern line, but the DC Universe as a whole”. Additionally, the story is going to continue to build on Hal Jordan’s position of leadership and the ramifications of his decisions, not just on an external level, but also on an internal level surrounding his characters development.

Regarding his character and the Uprising story arc, Vendittis had this to specifically:

“What we’ve seen with this war, in Green Lantern #33, you know, he fights a final battle that involves artillery and ground forces and a pretty well-thought-out, well-planned strategy, with a rouse involved and all these kinds of things. I mean, this is all hugely forward for him as a character. He’s a guy who just charges in with his ring and starts fighting. And now he’s putting together battle strategies on a massive scale.

So we’re going to see how these changes in his character, and how he’s grown as a leader, work to his benefit, and potentially even work against him when going up against this new, greater threat.”

So it’s going to be a very large story that will develop and weave from the threads of Futures End and it’s already apparent, by Venditti’s statement, that he’s not only going to spend a lot of time devoted to plot but also to character development, both of which work hand in hand to create a wonderful story. So again, in the months to come, Green Lantern comics will really be making a mark on the DCU…again.

Source: Newsarama