Catwoman to Get New Creative Team in October

by Alex Yarini
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This October is shaping up to be a big month for DC Comics as there have been various new creative teams announced for various DC titles. We’ve heard some happy and some sad changes to favorite titles, however all of them have been newsworthy mentions. One of these new creative teams will be working on “Catwoman” in October with writer Genevieve Valentine, a relative newcomer to comic books, and artist Garry Brown.

“After the dust settles in ‘Batman Eternal’ Selina Kyle has discovered she’s part of a legacy she never knew before, and heir to the family business,” Valentine told io9 in an interview about her new gig. “She decides to accept the position, both because she sees a chance to restore a ruined Gotham and because, deep down, Selina’s always played power games against herself.”

Catwoman Art by Garry Brown

Catwoman Art by Garry Brown

Valentine also stated that it’s unlikely she’ll be able to stay away from crime despite her good intentions, especially with her new position in life as the head of an entire crime family with a much larger role than when she was just a thief.

“At the head of a crime family, it’s not so much a matter of ‘if’ as a matter of ‘when,'” Valentine stated. “That said, the crimes are of a very different nature than her usual; some clandestine larceny here and there is a very different thing from having so many eyes on you and giving the kinds of orders that make the underworld run.”

Though Valentine is relatively new to Comic Books as a writer of the medium, she has penned the novels “Mechanique: A Tale of the Circus Tresaulti” and “The Girls at the Kingfisher Club,”  along with writing articles for io9 and the AV Club

If you’re wondering what is to become of the previous writer of “Catwoman,” Ann Nocenti, well she will be writing the new “Klarion” ongoing title which debuts in October. Valentine and Brown’s new run on “Catwoman” will begin October 22nd with “Catwoman” Issue #35.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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