Review: BATGIRL #33

by Darius_DC
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Hey guys, Darius here, covering BATGIRL #33 this week. Now in this issue, the deadline for all criminals to leave the area is fast approaching, and anyone left will be killed on sight. Also Knightfall lays down the law, but Batgirl has a plan of her own.

I enjoyed this issue a lot. The writing by Gail Simone is perfect, especially for this female-centered comic and for this specific issue as well. The artwork, done by Jonathan Glapion and Fernando Pasarin was spot on as well. Let’s go into detail with the positives and negatives of BATGIRL #33!


  •  I love that every aspect of BATGIRL shines throughout this issue. Her sassiness as she narrates this issue, the way she doesn’t think clearly when she is angry, i.e. kicking Huntress’ butt without letting the girl talk first, and how strong and quick-witted she is. The pace of this issue was nice and well thought out. Nothing felt rushed and I was enjoying how each scene played out smoothly.

Batgirl 33-2

  • The art was really good. Every punch, you saw with detail, all the blood splatter, was gruesome but in an intriguing way, and all emotions were conveyed brilliantly by Glapion and Pasarin. Their style reminds me of Guillem March and Mikel Janin’s style from Batman Eternal, which is a huge plus for me.

Batgirl 33-4

  • Can anyone say Birds of Prey! This was a smart move by Simone to BATGIRL, Black Canary, and the Huntress together because when these three are together, they kick some serious tail. This partnership should make for a fun dynamic as the series continues and bring something special that may not have been seen yet.
  • Knightfall having an army waiting on hand to kill every criminal who does not leave Gotham…how awesome is that. It puts BATGIRL in a position where she has to gain numbers and she calls a number of allies to assist her, including Batman. The question is though…will that even be enough to stop her?!

Batgirl 33-3


  • I did not see any negatives really.


This was a really fun and solid issue. Gail Simone and co. did a great job with pacing, dialogue, and showing some of the best character interaction I have seen in a while. Jonathan Glapion and Fernando Pasarin did an excellent job with conveying the emotions BATGIRL displayed as she was fighting Huntress, or those mercenaries, or Michael Drucker. They really did a great job. All in all, if you love good acion, great character interaction, and the formation of the true Birds of Prey (not specifically named that just yet), then, you will find great joy from this issue. Highly recommend.



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