Review-THE NEW 52: FUTURES END #12

by Gregg Hamm
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FUTURES END is back and better than ever. While the majority of the issue focuses on Hawkman, Amethyst, Frankenstien, Superman and Grifter, readers finally get another glimpse of the distant future that is ruled by Brother Eye. This scene breathes new life into the series and provides some intriguing revelations. This is an issue you definitely don’t want to miss.


Artists Jesus Merino and Dan Green really shine in this issue. This is easily their best looking issue to date. Hawkman has been one of the characters many New 52 artists have struggled with but here, his vibrant armour and detailed wings really help him stand out. Hawkman isn’t the only character to stand out however. On the other side of the spectrum we have Brother Eye’s three henchmen. Merino and Green perfectly exude the tone of this dark future with their stoic and creepy takes on some familiar faces. I won’t spoil who these henchmen are, but I will say that they are definitely a force to be reckoned with.

In many of my past reviews I have noted there being a lack of significance. Well, in this issue one scene changes all that. By taking the story back to its beginnings in the distant future, readers are reminded of the impending doom that looms about in the backdrop. It creates a singularity for all of the individual plot lines in the series and gives them new meaning. There’s now a sense that the responsibility of stopping Brother Eye won’t remain solely on Batman Beyond’s shoulders, but will become a shared responsibility for all the heroes of the future. Hopefully the series continues to refer back to 35 years into the future, and continue to escalate the importance of each individual character.


While the art in this issue was fantastic there were a few minor hiccups. Hawkman’s helmet appeared to be drawn differently in a couple panels. Both interpretatiNew-52-Futures-End-12-Spoilers-Batman-vs-Joker-DC-Comics-10ons look great, though it would be better if they had remained consistent. The skin and fur colours of two of Brother Eye’s henchmen are also inconsistent. While they both aren’t noticeable, they make it hard to discern the identity of one of the characters.


FUTURES END #12 was upbeat and action packed. The action was balanced with some humorous dialogue that felt natural for the characters. Many plotlines contained unexpected revelations that made the series feel significant again. While there were minor art hiccups, they are completely overshadowed by the vivid and detailed work throughout the rest of the issue.



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