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In SMALLVILLE: CHAOS #8, things in our Metropolis have come to a head. We find out if Tess’ call for help was heard. And Booster Gold faces Lex Luthor…well more like gets defeated and then converse with Lex Luthor.

I enjoyed this issue for three reasons. One reason was because of Lex Luthor. The second reason is because of Darkseid. The third reason is because of the writing by Bryan Q. Miller. In regards to the artwork, I had a problem with the artwork “sequencing”. All of which, and more, will be discussed in detail as we get into the positives and negatives of this issue.


S.C. 8-5Lex Luthor throughout this SMALLVILLE: CHAOS arc is a badass! I think I always loved the Smallville iteration of Lex Luthor more than any incarnation of Lex before. The reason for that is because he always saw what he does as righteous and for the greater good for humanity, even though sometimes he killed people and did evil deeds in the process. Some would say that most iterations of Lex is like this, but, Smallville’s Lex, to me, truly exemplifies this kind of mindset. He amplifies it in this issue, you see him defeat Booster Gold, but he doesn’t kill him. No, he takes his tech and just cast him aside with his shame. Lex is so twisted in the way he does things that he considers he calls himself “The Sun”…how awesome is that! I wonder, what was that machine that he created and what does it do? Interesting turn of events.

S.C. 8-2

Darkseid in this issue was so cool. The way he knew who Superman was even though he fought that dimensions Superman was pretty impressive. I love how he says that there is no other Darkseid in different dimensions, that he’s the only one and he can travel different dimensions. It makes sense right? The interesting thing though is what is he going to do with that Fortress of Solitude that was created? What does it have to do with what is going on with Superman and The Bleed? I don’t know,  but I can’t wait!

Bryan Q. Miller knows this universe so well that it seems it is easy for him to write dialogue so well. This is a big draw for me when it comes to reading this issue and all the other issues of SMALLVILLE: SEASON 11. He writes the characters so perfectly and he creates such a good character dynamic that you get hooked in this issue. I especially loved the Lex Luthor and Booster Gold dynamic. You have Booster Gold’s sarcasm and Lex’s cunning intellect made for a very entertaining back and forth between the two characters and I was hooked. All this is thanks to Miller’s wonderful writing.



S.C. 8-6

My first negative about this issue is the artwork sequencing. I did not like how on one page it was one art design then I flipped the page and it is another. That threw me off, even though I knew that there were two different artists. The art change just took me out of it for a little bit. At one point, Superman had medium long hair, then, next he had a haircut. Most would consider this minor, but for me, I like one consistent artist not two artists with different artistic views and skills.

S.C. 8-7

I have a minor gripe with some pacing issues. The issue seemed to shuffle through events very quickly. Doing this left room for only one really good scene with dialogue and one okay scene with dialogue and the rest of the scenes are pretty much one-liners or one quote dialogue. I believe this could be worked on though so it is not a big negative.


This was a good issue. The writing was great, but, the artwork is a little jarring. If you can deal with inconsistent artwork designs, then, you will enjoy this issue even more than I enjoyed this issue. This issue had a lot of events that sets up for a very interesting final four issues of SMALLVILLE: CHAOS and I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds. I recommend this issue.

S.C. 8-3



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