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In SMALLVILLE: CHAOS #9, we see Hank Henshaw has team up with Kara, Conner, Tess & Emil in order to stop the Eclipso infection?

I liked this issue. It was a little bit of action, we got introduced to the Weavers, people who can harness the power of the BLEED, Lex gives the Weavers the idea of rebooting reality, and those possessed by the power of Eclipso begins to make their moving in bringing Eclipso back. The writing was solid in mainly two scenes for me. The artwork is good and I’m glad they listened to me and got one artist instead of two. Let’s get more in detail with the positives and negatives of SMALLVILLE: CHAOS #9.


S.C. 9-2

One of the two main areas that I thought the writing was good was the exchange between Emil and Tessa. I thought they had good dialogue and a dynamic between one another that made the opening scenes of this issue a nice way to start the whole issue off. I’ve always liked Tess Mercer as a character and having her play this big of a role in dealing with Eclipso makes me enjoy her character more.

S.C. 9-4

The second of the two main areas where I felt the writing was good at is the closing scenes with Lex giving the Weavers and the Weavers’ council the idea of rebooting reality. Now we all know how persuasive Lex can be when it comes to implementing a plan that will benefit him in the long run, we see that here, which is to me the best scene of this issue. With those 2-3 scenes, I understand why the subtitle is “Chaos” because this is what Lex Luthor is doing, causing chaos that is not only affecting Metropolis, but, reality itself. With this said, next week’s issue should be good and move the plot along more as we head to the end of SMALLVILLE: CHAOS!


S.C. 9-5

I found the one scene with Supergirl, Superboy, and Cyborg Superman cool to look at, but useless. I wished we had two more scenes with them actually fighting than posing in perfect condition with the sun. Adding two or more pages of action would have made this a more exciting issue for me and could have helped with the pacing of this issue.

Speaking of pacing, I have always had a problem with Smallville: Season 11 comics with how they are paced. I am a firm believer of quality over substance, but when this issue’s quality is damaged by the lack of substance, then, this metaphor does not apply. I felt that the issue ended too fast and action scenes were cut short. I would have enjoyed a little bit more of Clark/Superman fighting the Weavers more. Or, as stated before, one or two more scenes with Supergirl, Superboy, and Cyborg Superman. When continuing this series, SMALLVILLE: CHAOS and beyond, Bryan Q. Miller needs to work on the pacing of his issues. Or if he is to make fast issues, fill it with good content and not just scenes with posing superheroes in dramatic fashion.


As stated before, I liked this issue. The opening and ending scenes were the best parts and the action was okay. I just can’t help but feeling that the middle sequences of the issue needed more and the pacing was way too fast, which left me confused about the order in which events were taking place. I recommend this issue only if you want to understand Lex’s main objective, so to speak, become introduced to the Weavers, and want to stay consistent with the SMALLVILLE: CHAOS arc.



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